About United Bioenergy Association (UBA)

Leading bioenergy council,
which unites organizations from around the world

United Bioenergy Association (UBA) - authorized industry association (union)

of all pellet market participants: producers, consumers, traders, service providers and other.

We work actively every day in the directions of analyzing and devoping pellet market, organizing industry events on a regular basis, providing up-to-date information and different benefits to our members and contributing to their growth.

The number of our members keeps growing steadily: more than 40 organizations have joined RPC by now, including companies from different countries and governmental organizations.

Our mission is to become the best platform for pellet market participants in Russia and abroad, providing our members the most effective help for growth and development and contributing to the progress in the industry.
Our main values are reliability, progressiveness, openness, flexibility, high quality in everything we do.


The RPC's structure consists of:
— General meeting - the highest authority (1-2 times per year)

— A. V. Afanasyev
— A. A. Tihomirov
— A. V. Makhonko
— S. Y. Ispravnikov

— A. A. Tihomirov - Director
— A. V. Makhonko - Development Director
— S. Y. Ispravnikov - President

— Administrative
— Industrial equipment and investments in wood granulating plants
Every year, UBA organizes constitutive meeting, where the general developmental plan, year's results and budget are approved.
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